FUJIFILM celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2014. The global photographic brand delivers cutting edge technologies to the world of digital imaging, optics for TV cameras, mobile phones and satellites under the Fujinon brand; and produces materials for smartphones, tablets and large LCDs.

In September 2010, Fujifilm unveiled the X100; the first model in the X-Series. It combined cutting-edge technology, optical excellence and refined design to offer discerning photographers a new way to shoot. Over the past few years, the X-Series has grown, but every addition has stayed true to the original philosophy.

There are now six interchangeable-lens models in Fujifilm's compact system camera range and a good range of prime and zoom lenses. Fujifilm has a CSC to suit all abilities; from the flagship X-Pro1 to the entry-level X-A1. More compact and lightweight than D-SLRs, CSCs are proving highly popular with enthusiast photographers.

The fixed-lens X line-up is strong with ultra compact pocketable cameras all the way up to the X100S, all featuring incredible attention to detail, advanced technologies and superb image output.

Fujifilm X Series Digital Cameras

Compact System Cameras

The central theme of the X-Series collection of cameras is simplicity and elegance.
Smaller and lighter than DSLR systems and featuring much larger sensors than compact cameras, Fujifilm’s X-Series interchangeable-lens cameras are an award winning alternative for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Fixed Focal Length Cameras

Fujifilm’s range of X-Series fixed lens cameras fill make you fall in love with photography all over again. Featuring incredible attention to detail, advanced technologies and superb image output they give you total creative control.

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Fujifilm X Mount Lenses

Fujifilm XF lenses are compact and lightweight, have a fast maximum aperture and maintain optical fidelity across the whole image, allowing sharp detail in every corner of your frame.

The Fujifilm range of premium XF prime lenses are renowned for their high quality build and clean, crisp output while XF Zoom lenses offer excellent quality images with the flexibility of a variety of focal lengths. These XF lenses are perfectly suited to the Fujifilm X-Pro,  X-E1, X-E2, X-M1, M-A1, X-T1 family of interchangeable lens cameras.

Fujifilm XC lenses offer exceptional value for money and are particularly suited for use with the X-M and X-A1 interchangeable lens cameras.

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Fujifilm Finepix Digital Cameras

Fujifilm’s Finepix range of compact and super-zoom bridge cameras capture great quality pictures. The long zoom compacts offer the flexibility of choosing between manual or automatic controls. The super-zoom bridge models are aimed at enthusiasts that want the ability to be creative without the desire to carry a bag of lenses with them.

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Fujifilm Instax

Quick and fun, see what you shoot immediately with the Instax range of cameras and instant film. Easy to grip, super stylish and great for all occasions including close-ups. Shoot it – print it - all in one go.

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Fujifilm Film products

Fujifilm offers a wide range of film products for the analogue photographer. 

The Fujicolor Neopan range of Black and White film achieves the finest granularity with Neopan 100 Acros, and a stalwart for the wedding and portrait market in the Neopan 400 CN.

Professional portrait photographers create masterpieces with the Fujicolor Pro series, while the Superia and Nexia lines bring this famous quality to all 35mm analogue shooters. 

The Provia and Velvia ranges of color reversal films set the standard for fashion, nature and landscape photography.

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Fujifilm Paper

The fantastic Fujicolor Crystal Archive range of silver halide color papers offer solutions for both analogue and digital printing.

The Fujifilm inkjet Fine Art media are suitable for use with aqueous pigment or dye.

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Fujifilm Menory and Storage

Fujifilm offers a depth of products for media storage. From SD and CF to USB Flash drives and optical media including printable CD-Rs.

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