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Nikon has established itself as a leading manufacturer of imaging products including binoculars, microscopes, medical measurement products and, foremost, consumer camera equipment. Nikon DSLR cameras is popular with both professionals and beginners alike, with various ranges of easy-to-use beginner models selling alongside its professional level products.

Founded in 1917, Nikon produced binoculars, periscopes and lenses for the Japanese military during WWII before switching its focus to consumer products and building traditional cameras for mainstream audiences. Since this point, the brand has grown into a global photography player, creating cameras aimed at all experience levels, as well as developing advanced photographic technologies for use with its product range.

We have a huge range of Nikon cameras for sale at Calumet. We are very well versed with the functionality and range-specific benefits developed by Nikon, and would be happy to help with any questions you have regarding buying or renting a Nikon camera. Contact us for more information.