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Repairs and Servicing at Calumet

We can be as careful as possible, but sadly accidents still happen and your equipment can get damaged under extreme conditions.

It's a fact of life that sometimes things go wrong. Your equipment deserves the very best attention and at Calumet's Repairs and Service Centres that's exactly what your gear will get. With the exception of Sony video products, we will arrange for your equipment to be sent to the specialist departments at Nikon, Canon and most major photographic brands.

We can also take care of regular services for your cameras and accessories, which will keep your items in great condition. It isn't always as expensive as you think. We also provide a sensor cleaning service, which is recommended on a regular basis.

Whilst your kit is with us for service or repair, there's no need to do without. Our rental departments across the country offer the very best bodies, lenses and studio kit. Calumet account holders benefit from deposit free rentals.

Contact your local store to book a service or repair.