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Repairs and Servicing at Calumet

Your equipment deserves the very best attention and at Calumet Photographic’s Repairs and Service Centres, that's exactly what your gear will get. We’ll arrange for your equipment to be sent to the specialist departments at Canon, Nikon and most other major photographic brands.

For whatever reason sometimes your equipment gets damaged and need repairing. We are your first port of call for fixing warranty and non-warranty repairs regardless of where your equipment was bought.

Your equipment is your living so it’s vital that any disruption is kept to a minimum with our 50% off Rental Service*.

Prevention is always better than cure and there are some basics we can all do to keep our images perfect - regularly cleaning your sensor will save you hours of post-production, regular servicing; calibration, realignment and central adjusting.

Repair services Calumet can provide:

  • Servicing for your Cameras and Accessories
  • Sensor Cleaning - recommended on a regular basis and in store While You Wait. Most dust gets onto your sensor when you change your lens so, always change lenses vertically. This prevents dust dropping onto the sensor and gently blow the rear surface of the lens prior to changing lenses. This clears any small particles of dust and stops them being “sucked” into the camera.
  • Repairs - We will repair goods both within and outside of their Warranty, regardless of which retailer you bought them from. We work alongside the UK’s leading manufacturers and their authorised repair agents, to get your equipment back in full working order as quickly as possible for you.
  • Rentals – Half price off our Rental Service; to keep you going while your kit is with us.
    (Calumet account holders benefit from deposit free rentals).
  • Collection and delivery service available to suit your needs and save you time.
  • Dedicated contact person within our Service Centre.
  • 6 months warranty on all repairs.

Don’t forget we can also calibrate your camera, lens or both so you have the ultimate in sharp images this service is available from only £75.

Contact your local store to book a service or repair or fill in the attached repair form and send your goods to us or drop them into your local store. If you would like us to collect them, please email the form to repairs@calphoto.co.uk where we will contact you and arrange this for you.

Please read our repair terms and conditions for more information.