Calumet Student Photographer of the Year 2016
Calumet Student Photographer of the Year 2015

Congratulations to this year's winner!

Henry Nathan from Leeds University

There were some amazing photos this year and our judges had an extremely tough job of choosing a winner. We want to thank all of the students who entered this year for their excellent submissions.

We are happy to announce 20-year-old university student Henry Nathan is this year’s winner for his image, "Sunlight." A huge congratulations to him and his winning photo which won the judges hearts.

Henry Nathan's "Sunlight"

How'd Henry capture this image?

"This photo was taken in June this year. I was doing road trip up and down the west coast of the US, this exact photo was taken while staying with a friend of mine in Bend, Oregon. We woke up early and visited these caves and had to hit an exact time to make sure we hit the perfect light. The Caves only shine light through for about a month a year so we were very lucky to see the light beams. To enhance the lighting in the caves we used a smoke bomb this helped create the perfect mood and set the photo. The dog in the photo posed perfectly with his owner creating the perfect subject." - Henry Nathan

Thanks to our judges

Many thanks to our 2016 judges: Calumet Photographic Managing Director Jon Warner, Canon Ambassador Simeon Quarrie, Editor of Professional Photography magazine Emma-Lily Pendleton, and the winner of Student Photographer of the Year 2015, Oliver Henderson.

Want to join in next year?

At Calumet we’re passionate about photography and supporting people looking to further their photographic abilities. We believe this competition helps to celebrate young people’s love for pictures and encourages artistic photography. We would like to congratulate Henry and the runners-up and thank everyone for participating.

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Ten great runners-up

A huge congrats also go to our ten runners-up, they all won a £20 Calumet Gift Card and a year's subscription to Professional Photography.

Avery Holland, "Black Swan"

Oliver Riley, “Bulls”

Susan Williamson, “Diner”

Sam Reilly, “Gas works”

Sabine Maerky, “Ghosts"

Paul Hand, “Old man reflection”

Maria Quigley, “Sheep Thrills”

Ross Glasgow, “Tantalus”

Maisie Freedman, “Ted Eyes”

Fiona Johnson, “Together we are gymnasts”